Saturday, April 30, 2011

Three Sexy Young Teens in Bikinis on a Boat

Three Sexy Young Teens in Bikinis on a Boat

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Sexy little teen in red bikini with boy shorts

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sexy Little Brunette Teen Jailbait in Orange Bikini

Sexy Little Brunette Teen Jailbait in Orange Bikini
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Young Jailbait Blonde Teen Girls in Bikinis

Young Jailbait Blonde Teen Girls in Bikinis

Four of the best young girlfriends ever hanging out by the pool getting a little bit wet
Young Jailbait Blonde Teen Girls in Bikinis
 Young Jailbait Blonde Teen Girls in Bikinis

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Young Teen on All Fours in Black Panties and Bra

The next day Penny did just as she was told to do. After
telling her coach that she had a problem at home and had to miss
practice, Penny raced home and went right to her room, not even
stopping to see if Bob was in the house. She stripped her clothes
off and went over to the package on the bed. There was a note
from Bob which read `just wear the garter and stockings and the
shoes from yesterday. B.' Penny opened the package and found a
red half bra with black lace trim, matching panties with a slit
over the crotch, a matching garter belt and black fishnet stock-
ings with seams. She hooked on the garter belt and the stockings,
then found her high heeled shoes from the night before. She put
the rest of the things in her dresser drawer, then walked over to
her bed, dropped to her knees and waited obediently for Bob.
Promptly at 3:30 he entered her room. Bob was completely
naked. He walked over to Penny and stood before her, his cock
inches from her mouth. He reached down and cupped one of her
naked breasts. He took the nipple between two fingers and
squeezed. Penny shuttered. She saw that he was bigger than
John, but smaller than Leroy.
"Shall we resume where we left off?" He asked. Penny nodded
`yes.' "Put your hands on my ass". She obeyed. Bob took his hand
to his cock and began stroking it to an erection. He moved closer
to Penny and brushed his dick over her cheeks, her forehead, her
eyes and across her lips. "Do you want it?" He asked.... Penny
nodded `yes', feeling his cock flesh on her face. "Where do you
want it?" He asked.

"In my mouth." Penny whispered.
"I couldn't hear you." Bob replied.
"In my mouth!" Penny said louder.
"Ask me nicely." Bob said as a droplet of cum appeared on
the tip of his prick. He rubbed the droplet on Penny's lips. Her
tongue came out to taste it.
"Please Bob, may I suck your cock. I want to please you. I
want to taste your cum. I want it so bad. I need it. Please Bob,
please let me suck your cock." She begged. Penny could feel the
cream dripping from her exposed cunt. She wanted to play with
herself, but Bob had commanded her to hold his ass.
"You may suck me off." Bob said, granting her request. "What
do you say?"
"Thank you, oh thank you Bob." Penny opened her mouth and
Bob slowly pushed his erect shaft into her oral opening. Penny
felt the hard, velvety member move pass her teeth. She brought
her tongue up to touch it. She savored her first taste of cock,
her brother's. Bob pushed his prick further into her mouth.

"Press your lips tightly around it." He Instructed. She
complied. "Move your head back and forth." She obeyed. "Take one
hand off my ass and lightly play with my balls. Put a finger of
your other hand gently into my asshole." Penny did as she was
told. "Use your tongue."
Bob put his hands on the back of Penny's head to guide her
sucking action at the speed that he liked it. As his cock pis-
toned in and out of her moving mouth, her tongue licked the
underside of his dick, from the base to the head.
Penny moved her head back and the stiff prick slipped out
of her lips. Bob took it in one hand and raised it to give Penny
access to his balls. She moved her tongue to his cockhead, and
licked the underside of it down to the base, then moved her
mouth lower to his hairy balls. She licked all around the hang-
ing testicles, then gently took one in her mouth. She licked
it thoroughly, it just seemed the natural thing to do.
Penny moved up and reached for Bob's cock. She took it in her
hand and aimed it at her approaching mouth. She swallowed the
entire shaft to the base, then held it as her mouth moved all
along it, her tongue in action as well. She put her other hand at
Bob's ass, and put her index finger in his asshole. `She learns
quickly.' Bob thought.

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"This is it!" Bob exclaimed. "Keep sucking baby, keep suck-
ing!" He put his hands on her hair and controlled her head
action. Suddenly, his prick erupted in her mouth. She swallowed
three or four spurts of cum. Then, Bob pulled his cock from her
mouth and shot the remaining spurts on her face. Penny was dis-
appointed that she didn't get to taste the entire orgasm,
but the sensation of his cum spurting on her face, caused her
to cum right after him.
After Bob stopped shooting cum, Penny put his dick back
in her mouth and licked it clean. Then Penny went over to her
dresser and took out a pair of panties. She brought them to
her cunt and soaked up her juices. She walked over to her bro-
ther, who was laying on his back on her bed watching her, and
laid down beside him. She gave him the cum soaked panties.
"If you need a snack latter." She explained as she placed
a hand on his limp penis. Bob smiled, took the panties in one
hand and one of her tits in the other.
"Thanks." He said. "Mom and Dad are going to a dinner party
tomorrow night. Its my last night here. Do you want to make it
"Yes." She whispered.
"You know what's left?"
"O.K. Tomorrow then...

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"Alright." She smiled that slut smile. Bob squeezed her tit
gently, took the panties and left, closing the door behind him.
Penny rolled onto her back, and slowly masturbated herself until
she came one more time, then drifted off to sleep.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Bunch of Sexy Young Teens in Bikinis

Here we have a sexy teen in a white bikini. Keep going for more though because this post is going to have a whole bunch of sexy teens in bikinis. Trust me... There's a whole page of these young girls posing half nude.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sexy Beach Babe in Red Bikini

Teen come in all shapes and sizes. You won't find all shapes and sizes here. This is a young skinny bikini teen laying down on the beach wearing a red bikini. I'm sure you already knew that though...

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